Crumpled paper crafts

Crumpled Paper Crafts began as a way to stay connected to the youth art group I worked with during the pandemic. I started making videos for the group, but after hearing that written instructions would be a helpful tool for learning to read, I started to write and illustrate the tutorials. This turned out to be really fun, so I decided I would put together some of my all-time favorite (and a handful of brand new to me) projects to do with people of all ages. I recently released a second version of Crumpled Paper Crafts as a 2023 calendar.

The art projects I love to share are usually open-ended, flexible, and fun to make, regardless of any particular final product. I love projects that allow you to learn a new process, but also leave lots of room to express yourself and pursue an idea or element of the artmaking process that interests you. I am also a huge fan of using upcycled materials in artwork and modifying projects to fit the supplies you have on hand.

You can purchase the book at my online shop or at Rock Paper Scissors Collective, Pegasus Books, 826 Valencia stores and the Irrelevant Press online shop. If you are interested in purchasing a larger order of books (5 or more), please contact me directly.